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Lightning Web Browser and Mac App Store

It goes very well, and it allows to open multiple windows and has a multiple tabs option and it works fine with what I’ve tried

I was looking for a simple browser and that I don’t need all the many things that others have, and so I was looking for something that was fast and functional, and this one is, but it’s not perfect for everything.

Lightning Web Browser and Mac App Store
Lightning Web Browser and Mac App Store

I was surprised that it has things that others don’t have, for example that the tabs do NOT accumulate one after the other and you can’t see the content of the text, in this one it maintains a size and they are going to accumulate in lines and groups, also it has in the superior part a slider to extend and to reduce very easily the size of the web, and it is not necessary to go to look for it to the menu or the options like it happens in others

I have to warn you that it does not work in all cases and there are some websites that do not work well with this browser and in others you can only see a part of it, and it is convenient that you also know

Import Safari Bookmarks

IMPORTANT Keep in mind that the other comments here are very old from 2011 and 2012 and therefore it is not correct to take into account because it has been updated several times since that time and is now in version 4.2 which includes more features and options that previously did not have.

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