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LifeProof Touch ID Compatible Waterproof Case

Covers for the devices of the bitten apple company are available in industrial quantities but, there comes a time when we need something more serious. This is where LifeProof comes in, a company that has launched a waterproof case for the iPhone 5s with full support for the new Touch ID sensor. For friends of absolute protection of their device, this accessory will be almost a must buy.

With the arrival of the all-powerful iPhone 5s, we could see how ingenuity coupled with technology has no limit – and we like that. Many new features were introduced, especially at the level of hardware , where we can highlight the fingerprint reader available on our iPhone, the new Touch ID. For all this, good protection is always recommended.

LifeProof Touch ID Compatible Waterproof Case
LifeProof Touch ID Compatible Waterproof Case

It is here that the already well-known LifeProof appears, which has launched a new case for the iPhone 5s, waterproof and, most importantly, 100% compatible with the Touch ID sensor . The case is called nüüd and has been designed to be lightweight, strong and able to immerse up to 6 metres.

Its waterproofness, Touch ID compatibility and lightness are not its only features . It is also sealed against dust and dirt, offers a drop resistance of up to 6 meters, allows us to fully access all the buttons of the device, sound output of the highest quality , among many other features that will delight those people obsessed with protecting their iPhone .

The range of submersible cases for the Californian devices is almost infinite, but few are the cases that allow full compatibility with the new Touch ID sensor so the purchase of this accessory can be really interesting for new users of an iPhone 5s. LifeProof is already on sale on your website at for $89.99 . Without a doubt, it is not a case for an ordinary person, we are talking about a product dedicated to very specific sectors that, because of their work, need this extra protection.

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