Libratone Zipp Mini 2 – Smart multi-room speaker, color black (Stormy Black), with integrated Alexa: Electronics

For the very fast ones among us, a brief overview of the pros and cons of the new Zipp 2 speaker:

+ extremely long battery life with very short charging time

Libratone Zipp Mini 2 – Smart multi-room speaker, color black (Stormy Black), with integrated Alexa: Electronics
Libratone Zipp Mini 2 – Smart multi-room speaker, color black (Stormy Black), with integrated Alexa: Electronics

+ incredibly good sound, which can be personalized according to the room and the desired sound

+ Very high maximum volume

+ Practical “Alexa” voice assistant (microphones can be deactivated or Alexa can be cancelled completely)

+ AirPlay 2 allows listening to music without interruptions e.g. by incoming calls

+ Connection via WLAN or Bluetooth (for on the road) possible

+ Portable Box (1,5 Kg + strap)

+ Built-in sleep timer and standby mode

+ Built-in Internet Radio

+ 5 favorite playlists can be saved directly on the device

– Possibly the price, but the quality of the speakers and the mentioned pros make up for it

For the first time in several years I decided to finally use a higher quality product after my experiments with various Bluetooth boxes (e.g. TaoTronics). Especially the short battery life of my predecessor disturbed me a lot and was one of the main reasons why I decided to use the Libratone Zipp 2 version, but more about that later. Due to the countless positive reviews of the predecessor (Libratone Zipp), I became aware of the new Zipp 2 loudspeaker. Whereby loudspeaker is not the right expression, because this speaker is a true multi-talent.

General: The shipping went flawlessly, just one day after the release of the product I had it with me in my living room. The design is very “Nordic” chic and simple – I like it very much. The built-in touch control panel with the nightingale as logo is very innovative and is something different. The loudspeaker has a very high quality finish and is equipped with a loop so that you can easily put it anywhere else. The installation of the device is very easy and went super fast, also the setup of the voice assistant “Alexa” worked perfectly. In the Libratone App there is again a detailed user manual (e.g. for all functions of the touch screen), because in the package you will find only a quick guide for the first start of the device.

Innovations: New in the Zipp 2 version is the voice control “Alexa” with which you can choose your music, check the weather, e.t.c., a funny gadget and also very practical if you have your hands full while cooking and can choose your music with your voice. Regarding the multiroom function, which you can now use to connect 10 Zipp 2 or Zipp Mini 2, I can’t (yet) report anything, because I own a speaker first. But I have tested the battery life of 12 hours extensively and I have to say: I am thrilled! I have had to charge the Zipp 2 until now, and I already own it for over a week and listen to a lot of music. Even recharging, should the box ever go empty, takes 1 and a half – 2 hours at most. Great!

The sound: Next to the battery life for me of course the most important. The sound of the Zipp 2 is awesome! I am still surprised how such a small device can produce such a beautiful and full sound. So I can only confirm the “360 Full Room” effect. It can also be turned incredibly loud without distorting the sound. So there are no limits for the home party with only one speaker. I also find the Libratone app’s settings options very cool: You can choose between different room settings, e.g. “neutral”, “outdoor”, “shelf”, “table” or “floor”. Depending on where the speaker is located, the sound will be adapted to it. The sound can also be personalized: You can choose between “Voice”, “Video”, “Classic”, “House Rock” and many more to customize the sound to your needs.

The above mentioned room settings can also be automatically adjusted to the environment with just one touch on the touch control panel (“Room correction” button).

Miscellaneous: Further convinced me that I can use the box completely independent from my cell phone. With the built-in Air Play2 I can watch videos on Youtube, make phone calls or listen to voice messages on my cell phone. I can also accept incoming calls without interrupting the music. I use the built-in radio very often and find it very practical if you just want to be sprinkled. In the Libratone App you can easily save 5 different playlists (e.g. from Spotify) or radio stations to have even faster access to them. Regular updates keep the app and the speaker always up to date.

The Zipp 2 speaker convinced me – hence 5 stars.

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