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LG will be the second supplier of OLED displays to Apple in 2018

If until recently Samsung seemed to be the only provider of OLED screens for the iPhone 8, a recent report by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, says that LG could also have joined as the official provider of such screens for Cupertino’s.

The OLED screen, Apple’s big breakthrough

One of the rumors circulating about the tenth anniversary iPhone to be introduced later this year is that it will include an OLED screen. Also, this type of screen seems to be giving more than a headache to Tim Cook and his team, as it is likely that the delay in production of them will have a negative effect on the date when the coveted iPhone 8 will be in stores.

LG will be the second supplier of OLED displays to Apple in 2018
LG will be the second supplier of OLED displays to Apple in 2018

The OLED screen seems to be a firm bet from Apple for its next terminal.

One of the main factors that indicate that Apple could count on LG as the second OLED display provider is that this is undoubtedly the component that is generating the most problems for the apple company in the process of developing and building the iPhone 8. In addition, Samsung currently has more experience in display technology, so in negotiations regarding this field, Apple would be in an inferior position. With things like this, it is not surprising that Cupertino is trying to contact other companies, in this case LG, in order to have more suppliers and that there is fair competition.

Ming-Chi Kuo seems to be clear, OLED screen yes or yes

The leading analyst, and one of the most reliable in the world Apple, says that “Samsung is now the only provider of OLED panels for the iPhone 8 through the manufacture of front-and-back. We believe that LGD could implement a similar production model. However, considering its strengths in the front-end process, collaborating with a specialized back-end service provider such as SIG will, in our opinion, significantly increase the iPhone’s OLED panel output rate. With these words, Kuo tells us that this possible collaboration between LG and other suppliers will make the manufacturing process of this type of screen more fluid and thus accelerate the iPhone 8 assembly line.

With more OLED display providers, the potential delay in the manufacture of iPhone 8 that was mentioned and that would be partly due to this type of display, would be reduced.

This is not the first piece of information that we have about the collaboration between Apple and LG, since this news echoes another one that we showed you just three days ago in which we told you about the millionaire investment that Apple would be working on to manufacture these screens.

After a while, the company from California seems to be working hard and polishing every detail to bring us one of the best screens on the market today.

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