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LG G3 Becomes the Smartphone with the Longest Battery Life

Until now, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 had the longest battery life

As with every new smartphone that comes on the market, they are tested to see if they really have the technical features that their manufacturers say they have . A few months ago the Galaxy S5 was tested and it turned out to be the smartphone with the longest battery life on the market. But this number one in the battery life ranking has been short lived, as there is another smartphone on the market that outlasts it. For only 30 minutes, the newly introduced LG G3 is the smartphone with the longest battery life , taking the place of Samsung’s samartphone.

In addition to the battery, the LG G3 gives the S5 a refresher on other technical aspects , such as the screen resolution, which, although larger, has better image quality and uses less battery power, a prodigy for these times.

A bigger screen does not mean more battery power

LG G3 Becomes the Smartphone with the Longest Battery Life
LG G3 Becomes the Smartphone with the Longest Battery Life

From what we’re seeing, the brands are doing quite well when it comes to mounting larger panels, but that doesn’t necessarily imply a greater expense of the battery , as you might think.

We saw it first with the Galaxy S5 and now we see it with the G3. LG’s flagship, according to tests it has undergone, is capable of holding out for up to 8 hours and 50 minutes , while Samsung’s latest smartphone stays at 8 hours and 20 minutes.

G3 is superior to S5 in other respects

As with all technological devices, as time goes by new products are being released that have better performance . It happens with computers, with tablets, and with smartphones it was not going to be any different.

Both the Galaxy S5 and the G3 compete in the same high-end smartphone market niche. While the former has a 5.1-inch screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, the latter has a 5.5-inch panel with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels , which is certainly sharper.

Another area where the G3 outperforms the S5 is in RAM, as the LG smartphone has 3GB and the Samsung smartphone “only” 2GB. As we can read in PhoneArena, they are making it quite difficult for iPhone 6, the next smartphone that Apple will probably launch in September.

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