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Letter to the Magi: MiniDock

Santa Claus has passed, but the headaches of making the clever gift continue, as in two weeks it is the turn of the Magi. In Applesupportphonenumber we want to help you choose, and that’s why we bring you the review of an interesting dock for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod Nano: MiniDock.

Christmas day is already history and with it, the headaches of making our gifts. But not all of us follow the American customs, or in addition we complement them with the presents we prepare for the day of the Three Kings . If your ideas are already scarce after breaking your head so much, we at Applesupportphonenumber want to give you a hand.

Letter to the Magi: MiniDock
Letter to the Magi: MiniDock

We know dozens of docks for loading our products: large, bulky, with a radius and more or less elegant. In this case, we present you Bluelounge’s MiniDock, very simple, portable and frankly useful .

The most remarkable thing is its size and connectivity . It is quite small and not very heavy, so transporting it is not going to be a problem. On the front it has a USB connector that must be inserted into a prepared power adapter, not built into the pack . The MiniDock is almost directly connected to the power outlet and prevents any cables from being loose and disturbing, while the iPhone is elegantly positioned vertically on the base.

MiniDock is designed to charge any generation of iPod Touch , iPhone and all iPod Nano after the third revision. Add three very small sponges of different volume to stick them on the wall of the dock on which the back of our device will rest. This way, each one will be adjusted to your needs. Only has one problem that must be highlighted, and that is that it is not ready to load our gadgets with most of the cases on the market because, with them, they will not reach the bottom of the connector. Therefore, it is impossible to load the iPhone 4S with its Bumper .

We attach a review for you to know the product better. In this case, it is the American version of the MiniDock.

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