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Let’s try to get around the January hill for good, hunting for bargains

It’s getting a little long on the January slope, huh? January, February, and let’s see if we can get rid of it for good in March, this is starting to go from brown to dark. And today we’re leaving with offers of products from the Apple universe that can help us save a little on our purchase . Before Apple gives us a definitive date for the launch of the Apple Watch, let’s see what’s going on online.

  • Even though it’s only three years old, a 27″ iMac at a price of 999 euros is really something to think about. The second-hand product is in very good condition, and even with its age, I’m sure it’s still got some rope to it.
  • Let’s go from an iMac to a MacBook Pro. This July 2014 model in Apple’s refurbished section saves us more than $300 with your purchase. It’s a brand new, Apple-reviewed notebook with a warranty.
  • If you have an iPhone or an iPad and you like to record videos with them, I’m sure you’ll find this application very useful. Clips are available right now on the App Store for free, so just go to the App Store and download it.
  • For 119 euros it can be yours.
  • Although it offers in-game shopping, like many in its category, we now have it available on the Vain Glory App Store. This video game will offer you hours of fun on your iPad or iPhone.
  • If you’d like to try out your first Mac, Mresell is offering this 11-inch MacBook Air. It’s second-hand, 4 years old, but it’s still in good condition. And for ?499, it’s worth thinking about. If you’re looking for extreme mobility, this is your laptop.

Take advantage of the 25 % discount on mobile phone accessories

  • If you are looking for a second-hand iPad air 2, a little cheaper, also in Mresell we have a 16 GB iPad air 2 with SIM for 50 euros less than in the Apple Store.
  • Fnac is currently offering a 25 % discount on telephone accessories. If you are looking for a car charger or case for your iPhone, maybe this is the time.
  • The Backup is your friend… And this from one who didn’t make them… Time Machine is fine… But sometimes you need to have a system that’s protected from any failure. This WD NAS is on sale in Macnificos at a 27 percent discount.
  • Do you want an iPhone 6? Well, in Mresell you can get a second hand one, 16 GB free in grey for 110 euros less, in total 589 euros.
  • If you have an iPad at home that you want to protect, this protective Trust brand case will fit any iPad model. It’s available in 4 colours, a 10-inch version (46% off retail price) and a 7-inch version (36% off retail price).

Conveniently equip yourself to use your iPad.

  • If you’re one of those who still can’t get used to typing on a touch keyboard when working with a tablet, this discount portable keyboard from Amazon might help. For 34.49 euros (a 43% discount on the retail price) you can have it at home.
  • Cazando Gangas

    Trust Verso – Funda para tablet de 10 pulgadas (soporte de sobremesa), negro

    Hoy en amazon por 44,84 €

    Freedom Expression Ultra Slim – Teclado Bluetooth para tablet, Negro

    Hoy en amazon por 33,59 €

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    Are you looking for a Bluetooth speakerphone to pair with your iPhone or iPad and still listen to music as soon as you enter the house? This offer at Fnac will save you 80 euros and get you a speaker from a renowned brand, Philips.

  • If you haven’t had a chance to try one, now’s the time. This Parrot Drone will give you a good time. Thanks to its iOS application, you can control it from your iPhone. Its price, 82.99 euros.
  • If you want a laptop, but with a little more power, this 13-inch MacBook Retina may be a good choice. With a little more. Just over a year old, this pre-owned MacBook offers a price difference high enough to be considered.
  • If you’re still thinking about the iMac and you like both the 27-inch model and me, mResell has another pre-owned option for 949 euros. The iMac is just over 4 years old.
  • Let’s change a little bit of the third and stop talking about so much equipment. Let’s go for an iOS App, a game that reminds me at least of Monument Valley, “Back to Bed”. It has been reduced to 0.99 euros.
  • We continue with applications, a “Outdoor – Weather your way” weather application one turn of the screw (for the better) from the weather application. This week it has seen its price reduced to 1.99 euros.
  • Since we’ve talked about so much portability, we’re going to end up with an external hard drive, ideal for carrying around with you at all times. For 55.79 euros on Ebay, 1 TB , USB 3.0 and from the Toshiba brand.

And here we are with our list of this week’s bargains. You know we’ll be back next week bringing you all the bargains we can find.

Let’s try to get around the January hill for good, hunting for bargains
Let’s try to get around the January hill for good, hunting for bargains

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