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Leopard officially delayed until October


Leopard has just been delayed in its release until October . Apple blames the delay on the resources needed to comply with the launch of the iPhone, so the new operating system for Mac OS X, 10.5, which still has a lot of work to do, is officially delayed until October of this year.

Leopard officially delayed until OctoberLeopard officially delayed until October

You can find the official announcement in Apple’s news section, here.

The news has spread through the blogosphere like wildfire and you can see many reactions in several blogs of the same subject such as TUAW, MacUser, OSNews, iLounge, AppleGazette, AppleInsider and in short, everyone worried about the current situation of Apple has shown their opinion about the news.

From now on I intend to give you mine. Apple wants a competitive operating system, which is very new, very efficient and stable. Above all, this last aspect needs to be fine-tuned, since it seems that the versions of the system that have appeared so far have many bugs, and that is a fact. Between the two possible solutions which are to get the product out yes or yes as soon as possible even better knowing that it is not completely finished and is susceptible to be unstable or, the one of delaying it and offering an operating system superior to those offered and with guarantees, honestly I don’t know about you but I prefer the latter. On the other hand, in WWDC’07 we will see a version close to the one that will be released worldwide and we will be able to check the new features that will be offered in the final version.

Furthermore, I bet double against single that this delay is fully justified by, as we are told in the press release, the lack of resources that have been allocated to the iPhone, so that Apple bets strongly on this device with which it hopes to take over the mobile phone market. And this fact is significant, that Apple “breaks” the pact of launching Leopard in spring to continue with the development of the iPhone and not to delay the latter, I think it marks quite the bet that the company is making on that device.

To all those who feel “deceived” or “disappointed” by this news, I say “Cheer up” that it will be worth the wait, in October we will have a really great system to enjoy and currently Tiger does not meet your expectations? Does not Tiger compete with other systems on the market? Well, don’t worry, everything will come and the Leopard will roar in October.

Another question that many of those who were waiting for Leopard to come out to buy a Mac will surely ask themselves, Should I buy it or should I wait? Well, that depends on what you need it for, if you can “hold out” until you have a new machine, I think it’s worth waiting for. If, on the other hand, your system needs a screaming renewal, don’t hesitate: buy a Mac and then go for Leopard if you want to be on the cutting edge, on the other hand it could be (and this is pure speculation) that Apple will choose to compensate those who buy a Mac before the release of its new operating system, who knows.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who sent us this news, Thank you very much!