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Lenses for iPhone, iPad pro, iWatch and iTunes radio, Rumorsfera

Let’s go with this week’s Rumorsphere… The truth is that we are having a very quiet start to the year as far as news from Apple is concerned. We all know that Cupertino’s company has its own agenda that doesn’t coincide at all with the rest of its competition. Apple presents a new product when it considers it is ready to be launched.

But the year 2014 is already advancing, we have spring just around the corner and little by little we should be seeing some movement. Some quiet updating would not be surprising if it happened in the coming weeks. MacBooks, iMac, or Mac mini… But we’re already starting to hear about iPhone 6 and iOS 8, so let’s get to it.

  • We continue to spin with the iWatch, what could have been an iPod with a pedometer could actually point to an iWatch. Recent patents talk about it, and even recent jobs, but the reality is that Apple has had an iPod nano with a pedometer since 2009. Could this be a smokescreen? We’ve probably been around for a while now with the iWatch, we’ll see when it becomes a reality.
  • The iPad pro is falling out of favor. It no longer looks like Apple will be introducing an iPad with a 12-inch screen in the fall of 2014. The truth is that this is one of those rumors to which you don’t give much credibility, an iPad of that size would be in “no man’s land”, with those screen sizes maybe it’s more worth a laptop.
  • The same article above is used to comment on the fact that the capacity of the sapphire glass plant that Apple has set up in Arizona is not yet very clear. Assuming that the screen of the next iPhone goes up to almost five inches, it is estimated that it could supply between 100 and 200 million screens a year. Last year Apple sold 153 million iPhones, then we would be a little bit on edge.
  • iTunes Radio could gain more prominence by unlinking from iTunes and appear as an application in its own right in the next version of iOS. The truth is that I am more concerned about when it will be available in our country, since having tried it I really love it.
  • Apple has patented a system to adapt lenses to your iPhone. If you like the idea of OlioClip that my colleague Miguel was telling you about, Apple could be investigating a similar system. It’s patented, so now it’s up to us to find out when it’s going to be introduced. Such a system could draw attention and add appeal to the iPhone “c” given the youthful character it claims to have.
  • iPhone 6 may include temperature, air pressure, and humidity sensors. But none of these will be aimed at monitoring vital signs, this would be reserved for iWatch. Apple seems to want to provide more atmospheric data with the iPhone.
Lenses for iPhone, iPad pro, iWatch and iTunes radio, Rumorsfera
Lenses for iPhone, iPad pro, iWatch and iTunes radio, Rumorsfera

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Lens Sharing for iPhone, iPad pro, iWatch and iTunes radio, Rumorsfera



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