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Legacy 2 game becomes FREE for a limited time

We return for another day with our selection of applications and games that have become free for a limited time, in this case we present you, Legacy 2 – The Ancient Curse .

This game will surely sound familiar to many of you, it is a graphic adventure of 3D puzzles , where we will have to escape from the pyramid.

Legacy 2 game becomes FREE for a limited time
Legacy 2 game becomes FREE for a limited time

The Legacy 2 game contains no integrated purchases , so what we download for free today, will be the complete game. Available for both iPhone and iPad and also offers the ability to share the app on our family account.

The ratings and reviews of this game are really positive. It currently has over 4.6 positive stars on the App Store. If you like graphic adventures and puzzles, you will enjoy Legacy 2 very much.

We’ve been trying it out for a while and let’s be honest, the setting of the game is simply spectacular. It involves you completely in the story. Those of you who have an iPhone X shouldn’t worry, as the game is adapted to the new Apple terminal.

As a curiosity of the game, it is developed by only one person, David Adrian. At least that’s what I said in the main features of this title. On February 27th, this game underwent a major update that included a number of fixes and added a number of improvements.

Download this free game for a limited time

What did you think of Legacy 2? Did it meet your expectations?

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