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LED notifications on your iPhone using flash

Usually iPhone users receive our notifications in the form of sound or vibration . On many other phones, we also have the possibility of having our notifications alerted by using an LED, which can alert us according to the origin of the notification even in various colours.

If we are iPhone users, we do not have this possibility at the moment, and it seems that it will be difficult for us to have it in the future, since Apple has never been in favour of this option, nor does it seem that it intends to include it in its next mobile terminals .

LED notifications on your iPhone using flash
LED notifications on your iPhone using flash

From here, we offer a possibility to remedy this, and that is to use our flash as an LED notification light . Just follow these steps to start doing it:

  • Enter Settings.
  • Under Settings go to General.
  • Once in General click on Accessibility.
  • Finally, in the Hearing section, slide your finger over the Flashes option for alerts, to activate them.

With these simple steps, we will be able to enjoy the closest thing to the LED notifications that we find in other mobile devices, but in this case, in our iPhone.

It should also be added that a key question regarding the activation of this option is whether it will cause battery consumption to skyrocket, and more, in the event that by our use of the iPhone, continuously over several hours, we are receiving notifications without any pause. The answer, as we have observed, is that the battery consumption does not suffer significantly, although we should observe its evolution and we would recommend deactivating this option in case we have very little battery , because perhaps in this last case, the consumption of the battery could be more affected.

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