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leave your Mac spotless with this simple application

Over time, our operating system, however little maintenance it requires, becomes slow and unstable. With CleanGenius Pro you will be able to clean the garbage that generates that behavior and keep your system clean and functional.

We all know that Apple operating systems are characterized by the low maintenance they require . Almost everything can be done simply, such as uninstalling applications by sending them to the trash. However, little by little there are small traces left on our system that can make it slow down and even crash sometime ( although never at the level of Windows ).

leave your Mac spotless with this simple application
leave your Mac spotless with this simple application

To clean up these traces, there are powerful applications that do their job perfectly, although they tend to be a bit expensive. The application we bring you this week is quite cheap, as is currently free on the Mac App Store . Anyway, its price is not very high either: only $2.99 (although its website says $12.99). This is CleanGenius Pro.

CleanGenius Pro ( which uses a very similar interface to Clean My Mac ) analyses your system to see where it can take the accumulated rubbish, scanning data such as system and user caches, saved diagnostic files or the trash can.

When we start the application, the first thing we find on the main screen is the information of our computer : the model of our Mac, the CPU it uses, the RAM and other more technical data. On the left of the window is where we have the option to mark where we want it to look on our disk and the utilities included in the application.

When you click on any of the tabs on the left, you will see the files you have detected that can be deleted (after you have hit Scan , at the bottom left). If we don’t know where they are located, the application itself lets us know. Clicking on the magnifying glass to the left of the file name opens a Finder window with the file in question.

A very interesting thing about this application is that you don’t need other programs to uninstall applications , such as AppZapper or AppCleaner, since CleanGenius has a fairly easy to use application uninstaller. Just choose which application you want to uninstall from the list and click on the corresponding button.

Another utility that works very well is the disk monitor that it includes. With a quick glance you can see how much free space any of the disks connected to the computer have, and you can open them from the same application. You also have, in the taskbar and well marked , the same information, including the option to eject the connected disks to remove them safely.

The application’s preferences are even simpler than the program itself , as they only include the option of when you want it to warn you when the disk is full, and where you want it to look for the files to be cleaned, as well as whether you want it to start the application at startup or not.

As you can see it’s a very simple but also very powerful application , that can keep your system clean from the garbage that accumulates over time. I recommend that, now that it’s free, you try it out and see what you think of it and, if you like, let us know what you think .

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