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Learning Swift 2, or how to bring programming closer to all types of users

Aprendiendo Swift 2 (iBooks Store)

Swift is the language that Apple introduced two years ago in order to facilitate the creation of applications for its iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS operating systems. From the beginning it managed to attract many developers who saw interesting proposals compared to other options, including Objetive C.

Learning Swift 2, or how to bring programming closer to all types of usersLearning Swift 2, or how to bring programming closer to all types of users

After a few months, during the last WWDC it was announced that the project was becoming Open Source. Thus, Swift 2 was not only open but also gaining support for Linux. So learning Swift 2 seems to be a good idea. How? Well, with the official resources that the company offers and books like Learning Swift 2 .

Learning Swift 2 is a learning and development guide published by Julio Cesar Fernandez, who is also behind A preview that may not tell you much since most books or similar publications are usually described the same way. But my recommendation is due to other reasons.

A simple way to learn how applications work, what it’s like to develop for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS

Just like during the Black Friday we talked about the Keepcoding courses (promotion still in force), now that we are at Cyber Monday it may be attractive to take advantage of the discount offered by the book. So, if you were thinking about learning how to program you will already have a reading to start with.

I was able to go into its content a few days ago and I can value it as a work that is close and easy to understand . Like many of you, my background in the world of programming has been very limited but I had and still have interest in doing and understanding better how it works. For that reason I was looking for the simplest form to enter to me.

With Learning Swift 2 I have achieved two things. The first is learning the basics of programming, its fundamentals . The second is to do it with a language that I can use to start messing around with Xcode, the programming environment that allows the creation of apps for the devices I use.

Learning Swift 2 brings the world of application development closer to all types of users, whether they have prior knowledge or not

It’s true that the book won’t make me a programmer but it will lay the groundwork and serve as a future reference with more advanced aspects. Because it also talks about how to integrate Objetive-C with Swift.

Usually we recommend applications, give you tips and tricks but there are fewer of them and we talk about something that interests many of you who read us: programming. No matter what level you are, Learning Swift 2 is a work in progress. And watch out, because Swift 2 can be used natively on other systems such as Linux or Windows. So we could be looking at a future standard as a development language.

Available on the iBook Store, Learning Swift 2 is priced at £29.99 (now for Cyber Monday 15% discount, £24.99). And you can enjoy it on any iOS device with iBooks 1.3.1 or higher, or Mac with iBooks 1.0 or higher.