Learn more about the possible “iPod nano touch


Rumours are that this new iPod will be the direct descendant of the current iPod nano and that it will therefore maintain its price range, they talk about the United States where the equipment sells for between 149 and 179 dollars, it is to be expected that Spain will also maintain the current price range.

Learn more about the possible “iPod nano touch
Learn more about the possible “iPod nano touch

It is also said that this product will not be a substitute for iPod shuffle, which by price range is still viable. The capacity of the device would remain as it is today, we are talking about 8 and 16 Gb , although there is no information about the operating system of the device, although I would personally rule out anything that has to do with iOS.

After the jump you also have a video where you can see the real size of the screen, frankly small. For my part I think it’s a good way to revitalize the market, at least I think it’s much more interesting than adding a video camera to a device like the iPod nano.

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