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Learn how to use the camera’s widescreen mode on your iPhone

The Camera application of our iPhone, allows us to take authentic panoramic photographs . With the sum of images obtained by the camera as we move our iPhone, and through the union of the same then, we get this type of photography, which draws attention above all by the great amplitude that allows us to capture, thus being able to cover large scenarios or landscapes.

In summary, a panoramic photograph could basically be said to cover almost twice the field of vision of the human eye , and is formed by joining the images, something that the software present in our terminals, takes care of.

Learn how to use the camera’s widescreen mode on your iPhone
Learn how to use the camera’s widescreen mode on your iPhone

Today we show you how to use the camera’s widescreen mode on your iPhone , so you can take pictures of everything from landscapes to soccer stadiums, monuments, and places that stand out for their size and scope.

How to take a panoramic picture

  • Start the Camera application.
  • Among the different options, select PANOR, which is the last one on the right side.
  • Once selected, we click on the take picture button to start taking our picture.
  • We must follow the instructions and move our iPhone continuously to the right, keeping the arrow on the line.
  • Once we have finished capturing everything we want, we press the capture button represented as a square within a circle that we see in the image above.

How to Change Directions for Taking a Panoramic Picture

  • Once the capture button is pressed for the first time, we press the arrow that we see on our screen.
  • Once pressed, the arrow will change direction, so if we start from the right side, it will go to the left.
  • Once the arrow has been changed to the side, we only have to make sure that it follows the line indicated.
  • We press the capture button again and our picture is taken.

How to take a vertical panoramic photo with your iPhone

Although the option of taking panoramic photos with our iPhone is expressly designed to take pictures horizontally, sometimes we may want to reflect the height of something , like a skyscraper or a mountain. Here’s how.

  • We started the Camera application.
  • We select the PANOR mode.
  • We turn our iPhone and place it in a horizontal position, as in the image above
  • We’re taking the picture from the top down or the other way around.
  • We press the capture button when we’re done.

Here’s all you need to know about taking panoramic photos with your iPhone. If you have any questions about how to take these photos, leave us a comment below and we’ll help you sort it out .