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Learn how to program Swift for free in 24 hours with your iPad

That’s the headline Apple presents in its Today section of the App Store. In just 24 hours, you can learn how to program Swift .

All this thanks to its Swift application for iPad, a totally free course in Spanish that will allow us to learn how to program from scratch, without any previous knowledge in just 24 hours.

Learn how to program Swift for free in 24 hours with your iPad
Learn how to program Swift for free in 24 hours with your iPad

We talked about Swift at Apple5x1, where read the post again from here . What we are dealing with today, is the methodology offered by Apple so that in just a few hours, without having any programming base, you can learn to program without any problems.

Tim Cook already warned, “it’s more important to learn programming than to know English” , so Apple takes it very seriously. That’s why they offer this complete self-study course completely free of charge.

The interesting thing about this is that you can learn from anywhere, at any time and where you can run code in a test environment. All this from your iPad .

The Swift Playgrounds app is not available on iPhone or Mac, it is exclusive to the iPad, so in order to take this comprehensive course, you will need to have an iPad yes or no. Remember that you have an iPad for all needs and at a very good price .

In the Today section of the App Store , you can see how they group a few hours together so that you can get an idea of how easy it is to learn programming if you organize yourself well and with very little time in your day.

The truth is that by breaking down the chapters, it is much easier , that is, we have the concept of learning to program as a large volume of sheets to study, but if we apply it section by section, in this case by hours and through interaction, it is more motivating and less tiring.

So you know, if you have an iPad and you want to learn how to program in 24 hours , Apple is on your side so you can start as soon as possible, now you just have to take the leap and get at least an hour a day to become an expert programmer of Swift .

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What did you think of the Apple app? Will you start this Swift course?