Learn How to Make a Good Selfie

Learn how to make a Selfie correctly

Although the first appearance of the word was in 2002, selfie gained notoriety two years later , thanks to a group of Flickr users who created a group with that name to teach self-portraits to others. Selfie comes from “self”, a word in English that means “oneself”.

The current d definition of selfie, coined by Oxford, is quite specific. It is ” a photograph that one takes of oneself, usually with a smartphone or webcam, and which is posted on a social media website “. And although the dictionary does not yet formally include it in its register, it is something that it has contemplated.

Learn How to Make a Good Selfie
Learn How to Make a Good Selfie

As we know, the selfies became a fad in the hand of the smartphones and became popular as the front cameras of these devices became more sophisticated. In fact, older front cameras had no more than 0.3 megapixel resolution, while the latest models reach HD resolutions.

Selfie, a word that has already made history

Perhaps the word “selfie” will go down in history as the word of summer 2014 . Because who hasn’t taken a self-photo during this vacation? Entering social networks today is like going to the museum of self-photographs: eating, at the gym, at the beach, at the pool, with your partner, with our pet, etc.

Now that we spend most of our day making selfies, especially if we’re on the beach or on vacation, maybe we should improve our technique a little to make them as good as possible, don’t you think? In the following infographic we offer a series of tips that will help us get out of it better. There is no doubt that these tips are worth taking into account.

The self-photo, selfie or self-portrait with the mobile phone in modern times has experienced a spectacular boom as a fashion that is not known to what extent it can be bequeathed since the Oscars the world echoed this way of showing us, with our face in the foreground, through social networks. A fashion that accompanies politicians, actors, singers, street people and anyone with a smartphone who wants to take a swing and say to the universe: “hello, here I am with the waterfalls with the beaches of the Caribbean behind me,” to give an example among the thousands who fill the network.

Thanks to this infographic that the boys of TreceBits have shared we have been able to know some advices that will help us a lot to improve our selfies. There is no doubt that we are in front of a fashion that doesn’t seem to be passing and that already has its own variants and applications to make these pictures the best possible. Are you one of those who make many selfies a day?

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