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Learn English with Wlingua for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Learning English with the Wlingua application is really easy

Trying to improve your English? Try the Wlingua application! An app that offers us up to more than 600 quality lessons with which we can learn English at different levels: from beginner to intermediate.

Wlingua is an application that is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini models with an iOS 6.0 or later version. It is a completely free app , although it offers the possibility of paying for a premium account from which we will have unlimited access to all Wlingua content.

Learn English with Wlingua for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini
Learn English with Wlingua for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Wlingua, also available on the web, is one of the most popular English learning services in our country. And thanks to its application for iPhone and iPad we will have the opportunity to learn the language from anywhere and in any way we wish; either with level tests, voice-overs, vocabulary and sentence exercises or listening, writing, reading or speaking tests.

Wlingua shows us a series of thumbnails that come with audio in English and a text at the bottom indicating its name and meaning in Spanish. A really easy and enjoyable way to learn.

In the next task that Wlingua entrusts to us, we must join the Spanish words that we have previously heard with their images and meanings in English . In addition, Wlingua will remember our mistakes so that we will have to repeat them at the end of the exercise.

The app will also include other types of exercises in which we must listen, write or link images with text or audio . In addition Wlingua will automatically save all our progress for the next time we open the application and has a side menu that gives us configuration data, progress reports and a complete reference library.

Wlingua on video

Want to learn more about Wlingua? We offer you a video with one of their web demos:

Here’s a review of the Wlingua app for Android and iOS:

What we liked best

  • The app saves all our progress automatically.
  • It offers a very interactive, fun and relaxed way to learn English.
  • Wlingua remembers all our mistakes and repeats them at the end of the exercise.
  • It allows us to change our learning level at any time to study more advanced lessons.

What we liked the least

  • When entering the suggestions section the application does not have a “back” button to return to the initial screen.

Download Wlingua

What do you think about the application of Wlingua ? Have you had the opportunity to try it out?

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