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Learn all the tricks of Super Mario Run

The most famous plumber of all time is now available on iPhone and iPad . Super Mario Run is already among us, and if you’re one of those who have fallen into their nets you’ll surely be interested in reading more, because today on iPad we bring you a compilation of all the game’s tricks known so far.

Super Mario Run is a very entertaining game with which you can spend a few hours of fun. Whether you’ve just downloaded the game or have already started playing and want to take it a step further , we invite you to learn all the tricks of Super Mario Run – the fun is guaranteed!

1. Jump correctly at the right time

Learn all the tricks of Super Mario Run
Learn all the tricks of Super Mario Run

As you know, Super Mario Run is very easy to use, because Nintendo wanted to make things easy and you can play with just one finger. While it’s true that all you have to do is touch the screen to jump, there are different ways to jump and get different moves .

If you touch and hold your finger, you’ll see Mario’s jump is higher. If you also touch the screen again while Mario’s in the air, it will make a turn , and if you touch, hold and slide to the left you’ll see that it moves backwards slightly.

It is important to use the right jump at the right time , so it is good to anticipate the next move. But don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time, because Super Mario Run is designed for you to play over and over again.

2. Jumps on the wall

One way to get coins or just keep going on a level in Super Mario Run is by climbing up the walls. If you jump and crash into a wall and then jump again, you’ll see Mario turn around and jump in the opposite direction.

3. Hit several blocks at once

If you jump at the right time you can hit up to two blocks at once instead of one . It’s not that complicated, but since in Super Mario Run the character can’t go back, you have to know when to jump.

4. Play over and over again to get everything

In Super Mario Run, each of the levels has different levels. After you have collected all the pink special coins you will get purple ones and then silver ones . Also, don’t forget to go through all the nooks and crannies in the different levels of Super Mario Run so you don’t leave anything behind.

5. Find and get the challenge coins

The challenge coins, which are of a different colour, will give you more points and with them you can earn rewards . Once you have collected the first 5 exclusive pink coins, they will be replaced by purple coins, and later by silver ones.

However, to avoid the monotony of Super Mario Run, these special coins vary with each colour, and may even be hidden in blocks , so don’t leave anything out!

6. Follow the path of the arrows

Whenever you find an arrow in a Super Mario Run level, follow it , because it can lead to great things. A coin blast, a unique hidden coin, and so on.

7. Reach the top of the flag

Cómo desbloquear a la princesa Peach en Super Mario Run

15. Recoge puntos

As you may have noticed, reaching the top of the flagpole at the end of each level is not as easy as it seems . To do this, you have to make sure you take a long jump by holding down your finger, and when Mario is about to reach the flag, tap it again to make him turn in the air, so you have a better chance of getting to the top and carrying the 10 extra coins.

8. Pause in the air and backtracking

This movement can be very useful on some occasions. When you do a double jump in Super Mario Run by holding your finger on the screen and sliding your finger to the left without letting go, you’ll see it pause a little in the air and go back slightly.

9. Pause bricks

When you pass a red brick with the pause icon on it you will see that the game stops moving and time stops running . Use this moment to analyse what you’ve been doing and the decision you’re going to make when you continue to walk with Mario.

10. Use the bubbles wisely

In Super Mario Run, when you die, you have several attempts and resurrect inside a bubble. Use this moment to go back to the right time and click on it to continue and try again . But remember that time has passed and this is a factor that plays against you, because if you go back too far you won’t have time to finish the level.

11. Find the weakness of your opponents

As you may have noticed, in Super Mario Run you will have to fight the enemy every three levels . In order to beat them, it’s a good idea to look at what they have around them so that you can use it against them. For example, to beat Bowser, you have to drop the axe on the bridge when he’s on it.

12. The energy is always at full strength before going into battle

Before going to fight your enemy make sure you are full of energy . Because while you are fighting you will lose a little bit with every hit.

13. Create a Nintendo account

During registration you will be asked to create a Nintendo account. It’s possible that in the excitement of the moment you’ll want to play Super Mario Run as soon as possible and decide to skip this step at first , but we recommend taking a couple of minutes to register. Don’t worry, if you skip this step in the beginning you can go to the Settings to create and link your Nintendo account, giving you access to exclusive content, race tickets and more.

14. Unlock Toad

Precisely one of the things you can achieve by linking a Nintendo account in Super Mario Run is to unlock Toad so he’s a character you can play with. Once you’ve linked it, go to the My Kingdom screen, click on the “My Nintendo” button and select “Redeem” under the Toad image. Then return to the Kingdom and tap on the gift box.

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Right next to the “Rewards” tab in the “My Nintendo” section you’ll find a section called “Missions”. Here you can collect Nintendo points for doing missions, things like playing Toad Rally three times a day and much more . When the button is red, click on “Collect Points”.

16. Redeem Rewards

The rewards section has a lot of things different from Toad . You can use the points you’ve earned to redeem for different things, like 1,000 coins in Supe Mario Run and many more.

17. Careers

In Super Mario Run races you have to beat your opponent to get Toads to join your Kingdom. You need all sorts of colored Toads to rebuild your Kingdom , so choose different colored opponents to get assorted Toads.

18. Choose an opponent you can defeat

In Super Mario Run races you have to choose an opponent to face, but be careful because if you lose you will also lose Toads from your Kingdom . So it’s best to be careful and choose opponents that aren’t above your level.

19. Keep jumping

It’s very important that you are as extravagant as you can while collecting coins at Toads races, and the best way to do that is to jump. Do all sorts of different jumps, combine jumps, do spins in the air… but all this while collecting coins .

20. Build houses to unlock other characters

When you’re starting to rebuild your kingdom in Super Mario Run you should focus on building houses and leave the theme of decoration in the background . It’s better to invest coins in houses, as this is the way you can unlock other characters like Luigi, Yoshi or Toadette.

21. Bonus game

The first house that was in your kingdom, located on the left side, is a bonus game. You can play it every 8 hours, so stop by at least once a day to win some coins and tickets for the Toads races.

22. Save battery

If you want to save some battery power while playing Super Mario Run we recommend going to Menu – Settings and click on “Options”. Here you should set the rendering and graphics to Low . This will help the game consume a little less battery power.

These are all the Super Mario Run tricks that we know at the moment , although it’s possible that as the days go by, some more will appear.

How about these Super Mario Run tricks? Do you know any that aren’t on this list? Share it with us and the rest of the readers in the comments!

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