Learn about your iPhone, iPad, and iPod battery health with this app


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Learn about your iPhone, iPad, and iPod battery health with this app
Learn about your iPhone, iPad, and iPod battery health with this app

Do you remember how many times you have charged your iPhone, iPad and iPod since you bought them? Your device does remember, in the form of cycles . From the first time you charge it, this account is set up with a limit, after which, the aging of the account becomes noticeable. These cycles do not correspond to each time you put the terminal to charge, a click of charge is equivalent to each full use of the battery and subsequent charge of it, ie if we use our iPhone up to 50% battery and do full charge by repeating the same process the next day, will count as a single charge cycle.

On its website, Apple explains how its batteries are made and how to take care of them through certain configurations in the software of our device and taking into account the damage it may suffer in the surrounding environment (very low or high temperatures, for example). It also gives us data concerning the charging cycles, guaranteeing up to 80% capacity for:

  • iPhone up to 500 cycles.
  • iPad up to 1000 cycles.
  • iPod up to 400 cycles.

From the cycles mentioned, the problems related to the battery can begin to appear, such as the lower capacity of the battery, failures in the load, etc.

This explanation may have helped you to understand the cycle of a battery. Now comes the big question, how do I know how many charge cycles my iPhone, iPod, and iPad battery has completed? . If for a moment you’ve been pondering the possibility of writing down the cycles one by one on a piece of paper to keep track of your battery, or you just don’t know how to get that little bit of information, here’s the next app for the Mac: iBackupbot . Let’s see how to get it and how to use it:

  1. If your computer is a Mac, get the app from this link. If it’s a Windows computer, download it from this link.
  2. We installed the app.
  3. We open the app and go to the lower left window Devices.
  4. Select where the name of your device is and a panel with several options will open on the right.
  5. Select More Information.

We will be presented with a new window with several features of our device , the first one being the battery. Firstly, you will see CycleCount , which is the complete charge cycle of your device. In the second section DesignCapacity appears, this data gives us the capacity designed for that battery, the capacity it has at the time of purchase. Then we have FullChargeCapacity , the full charge capacity that the battery has at this moment, as you can see it is already decreasing in my device. It also indicates the general state of the battery in Status .

Not bad, huh? Download it and check the status of your battery by seeing how many cycles it has, whether it’s beyond Apple’s warranty, and how much capacity you have left. You may need to replace it. Also check your Mac battery by following this tutorial.


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