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Learn about wireless connectivity issues on iPhone 7

The arrival of iPhone 7 and the iOS 10 update demonstrated Apple’s accomplishments on the road to developing wireless devices. However, less than a month after the launch of its flagship device, the California-based company has received a significant number of complaints regarding wireless connectivity .

Various faults

Most of the reports have come through Apple forums, where users have complained about the operation of Bluetooth in their cars, while others have complained about the problem of dropped signal in 4G mode, either from an iPhone 7 or from any other model with iOS 10. Specifically, it has been car users of the BMW brand who have experienced problems with the iPhone 7’s Bluetooth , the most frequent error being the cut off of streaming music playback, a few seconds after having configured Bluetooth with the vehicle’s connectivity system.

Learn about wireless connectivity issues on iPhone 7
Learn about wireless connectivity issues on iPhone 7

So far, complaints have been registered by users of BMW cars and the Verizon or AT&T operators in the United States and no representative cases have been confirmed in any other country.

Apple’s Next Step

With devices from any other brand it would be logical to think that the failure to play a song would be solved by connecting the headphones, thus forgetting any wireless connectivity issues – for example – but in the case of Apple, this cannot be taken lightly, not after having started its journey in the bid for wireless accessories.

Reporting a connectivity problem in other situations is not new. Since the release of the iOS 10 beta, wireless issues have been a frequent complaint among users and although Apple has made improvements with versions 10.1 and 10.2, the issue has not been fully resolved, showing that there is still work to be done in wireless connectivity since Cupertino.

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