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Learn about the large number of users who connect to Facebook

Problemas en las copias de seguridad de iCloud

Pese que existan aspectos criticables como puede ser la seguridad y la privacidad . Los ingenieros de la compañía se encuentran continuamente sumergidos en mejorar estas debilidades que tantos problemas ha traído a la red global en términos generales.

Learn about the large number of users who connect to Facebook
Learn about the large number of users who connect to Facebook

Y tú, ¿también utilizas Facebook diariamente?

Usa tu cuenta de Facebook para dejar tu opinión.

We currently live in an era where social networks have become an essential tool in our daily lives . What started out as something curious and novel has become our daily bread. With the advent of smartphones, social networks have become a major factor in our lives . Of course, this has brought advantages and problems in equal parts.

The father of all of them is undoubtedly Facebook . The great platform created by Mark Zuckerberg has allowed the world to change completely. It has allowed us to communicate easily with any user in the world , and to share our photos and stories. And there is no doubt that the most used is Facebook, despite the arrival of new services, most of which have been absorbed by the all-powerful Zuckerberg.

Without going any further, the company’s CEO has decided to share the number of users who connect to the platform on a monthly basis through social networks. The figures are exorbitant, as the service has managed to reach no less than 2 billion active users per month .

Once again, it shows the great capacity and impact that the arrival of the Internet has had on our lives . On the other hand, we must recognize the great work being carried out by the North American company with the extension of services and new functionalities in the different applications offered by the queen platform.

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