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Leaks make Apple sell less

In recent weeks, we’ve discovered many of the innovations Apple is working on for its next iPhone. Thanks to various leaks and rumours, the wait between one generation of iPhone and another is much more bearable .

These leaks occur every year with any terminal in the technological world. Regardless of the brand that manufactures it, and as long as it is one of the best known, we try to know new data, filtrations or components that will be incorporated in future renewals .

Leaks make Apple sell less
Leaks make Apple sell less

Apple is not spared from such leaks, and even more so when, unlike other competing companies such as Samsung or Xiaomi, it has a much more limited and defined product portfolio than the other companies .

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It was this week, during the conference of economic results of the second fiscal quarter, Apple and specifically Tim Cook, made a small parenthesis to explain how the leaks affected the annual sales of the iPhone.

According to Apple’s top executive, every year there is a pause or slowdown in iPhone sales when new rumours of the next terminal begin to appear. Even with all this, Tim Cook hasn’t revealed how much the leaks affect iPhone sales.

What we do know for sure is that this is something that happens, since there are many users who if their terminal allows them to hold on a little longer, wait a few months to acquire the most current terminal , powerful and more fashionable.

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On the other hand, the solution to this problem is none other than to put an end to such leaks. The point of all this is that this is not just a problem for Californians, but something widespread where the vast majority of the large companies in the technological world suffer. Especially in recent years, these leaks have caused a drop in sales of some of the products due to the public waiting for their next renewal .

Undoubtedly, in the era of technology what we must be clear about is that there are and will be continuous leaks on the products that raise most expectations, and it must be the companies themselves that fight to minimize the number of leaks of their star products .

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