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Leakage of a model of the iPhone 6

Rumors of the new iPhones are starting to spread earlier and earlier. If last year we started to see the first cases and leaks during the summer, today we get the first image of what could be the shape of the new iPhone 6 .

There have been dozens of design exercises and mockups that we have seen over the last few months. But what arrives today is a model of some prototype that is going around the Chinese factories , and has ended up in the communities of 9to5Mac.

Leakage of a model of the iPhone 6Leakage of a model of the iPhone 6

This is a black device shaped like an iPhone 6 that could be used to make the moulds for the covers or casings. The most curious thing is to see how the flash on the back returns to the round shape , which we remember is elongated on the iPhone 5s. Have they managed to integrate the double tone flash in a smaller body?

It seems that this is too conservative a design for what is an evolution of the iPhone generation. If Apple ends up releasing such a big iPhone it will surely not be to everyone’s taste , so we should see a “mini” model that preserves the current dimensions.

Another option that we would love to see would be to keep the current proportions, with the body the same size, by tightening the side edges of the screen much more , getting a screen that would be in the average of what we find in Android without giving up a small phone.

Those of us who refuse a bigger iPhone are the users themselves, because Apple has never denied that they were going to make a bigger iPhone . Tim Cook always said that the Retina screen is the best on the market, and if they consider that now a Retina screen is bigger than 4 inches, we are sure that they will not refuse to build an iPhone with it.

And you, what screen do you bet for the future iPhone, do you think they will keep the 4 inches or will finally jump in size?

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