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Layout from Instagram, the new photo collage app

Layout from Instagram (gratis)

Photo collages are a long-established trend on Instagram, and in the heat of the moment, a multitude of tools have proliferated on the App Store to combine multiple images into one . Now we have to add one more, but I have no doubt that it will soon be the most popular of them all.

Layout from Instagram, the new photo collage app
Layout from Instagram, the new photo collage app

It’s called Layout and like Hyperlapse, has been created by Instagram as an independent app to give wings to creativity in the popular social network. Its greatest virtue? To simplify a process that was already quite simple but that now borders on the ridiculous. If you have used other apps for collages you will remember that the usual thing is to choose a template and then assign photos to each space. Layout turns the process around starting directly from our reel and generating for us a series of dynamic templates that adapt to the number of images we select.

The app, initially available only for iOS with an Android version announced for a few months, also has a couple of features that are worth noting. Firstly, replacing the usual screen for selecting images from the iOS 8 reel, Layout presents us with its own interface with a face detection algorithm to classify the photos on our iPhone in three tabs: All, Faces and Recent.

On the other hand, beyond simply generating the usual image compositions, we also find a tool to flip the selected image horizontally or vertically and thus create, for example, impossible landscapes that seem to be taken from a Christopher Nolan film . I hope you like them, because you will see millions of these from now on…

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