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Lawsuit Dismissed over Undelivered iMessage Messages

It seems that Apple will never leave the courthouse. At the end of July, we were watching as major technology companies decided to support Samsung in its fight against Cupertino’s to protest the heavy fine imposed on the South Korean company. Now it was not Samsung, but a user who decided to sue Apple because by switching to Android it could not receive text messages sent by users with iPhone .

These messages were identified as if they were sent by iMessage and therefore the plaintiff Adrienne Moore did not receive them on her Android smartphone. However, District Judge Lucy Koh H. has dismissed the lawsuit against Apple.

Lawsuit Dismissed over Undelivered iMessage MessagesLawsuit Dismissed over Undelivered iMessage Messages

Switching from iOS to Android means several things, including losing the iMessage service , which is exclusive to Apple. That’s exactly what happened to Adrienne Moore, who switched from her iPhone to a Samsung smatphone and the messages her friends sent her didn’t reach their destination, but stayed in limbo.

Judge dismisses Apple’s lawsuit over iMessage messages

The solution Moore found to this was to sue Apple, no less. This happened in November 2014 and eventually became a multi-user class action lawsuit , but it has not been until now that Judge Koh has dismissed it.

The grounds on which the judge based her decision is that it is not possible to determine whether all the plaintiffs were harmed by a breach of contract or interference caused by the operation of iMessage. The fact that they did not receive the messages does not derive from the malfunctioning of iMessage.

In the original complaint, Adrienne Moore noted that when she switched from her iPhone 4 to an Android-based Samsung phone she suddenly stopped receiving text messages from her iPhone contacts . The problem lies in the fact that iMessage links the phone number to the Apple ID, using the latter as the priority for messages to reach any iOS or OS X device linked to it.

Apple allows you to unlink the iMessage phone number

On the other hand, Apple Insider does not rule out the possibility that Apple could see the wolf’s ears with this lawsuit, and that is that quickly launched a web tool to allow unlinking the phone number of iMessage . This tool was launched days after the lawsuit was filed, but Apple soon extended it from the United States to the rest of the markets.