Launch Center Pro loses its integration with IFTT

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If you’re an iOS automation app lover, we’ve got some bad news for you. Launch Center Pro, one of the most recognized and popular apps on the Apple platform, has just announced that it no longer integrates with IFTT . And for the reasons given by the developer, this is a decision that cannot be reversed.

Launch Center Pro loses its integration with IFTT
Launch Center Pro loses its integration with IFTT

In April 2013, Facebook acquired Parse, a startup specializing in the back-end part of mobile apps. That is, everything that is behind an app and that the user does not see but feels . The deal was successful for about $85 million. As part of the acquisition, Parse would be integrated with Facebook within a specified time frame.

Well, that date has arrived. Parse closes its service to third parties, including the developers of Launch Center Pro . As they explain on their website:

The closure forced them to deal directly with IFTTT. However and as they comment in the same link, the popular web service in turn has decided to start charging for it . Despite the willingness of both parties to find a compromise that would satisfy both of them, the effort has not been successful. As of today and with the update launched on the App Store, IFTTT is no longer officially supported.

If you are an affected user, other recommended alternatives are Workflow or the iOS IFTTT app itself.

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