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latest update to “Super Mario Run”

The arrival of Super Mario Run in the app store has been one of the best news for fans of the famous plumber. A couple of months after its release, a new update was announced today. It is the addition of the “easy mode” which removes the timer, allowing players to explore the level at their leisure.

This Tuesday’s update to the game offers players unlimited time to complete a level, eliminating the worry of failing and going against the clock. The update also adds Korean language support, reduces penalties for poor performance and other bug fixes.

latest update to “Super Mario Run”
latest update to “Super Mario Run”

Initially announced during the iPhone 7 keynote, the game from legendary game maker Shigeru Miyamoto, “Super Mario Run” is a very casual title, mixing traditional side-scrolling action with hours of endless fun.

“Super Mario Run” has three main game modes: World Tour , in which players run through six worlds and 24 courses to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Mario Bowser’s famous nemesis; Toad Rally , a multiplayer mode that pits users against friends and other players in a coin-collecting race; and Kingdom Builder, which allows users to customise a virtual environment with buildings and decorations purchased with coins and toads acquired through Rally Toad.

As announced in Nintendo’s marketing, the game only requires one hand to play – Mario runs around the world while users touch the screen , making him jump over obstacles, hit objects, erase voids and perform other manoeuvres. Level scores, coins and world progress are collected and tallied, as are multiple Mario console deliveries.

Along with this latest update, Nintendo also stated that there are no plans to expand the game at this time. What has been decided is that the title will be available on Android in March.

“Super Mario Run is free to download from the App Store, although unlocking the entire game requires a purchase of $9.99 . The title is a 204 megabyte download.

Now Nintendo and Apple give us yet another reason to continue enjoying this game!

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