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Latest keynote rumors

En LoopRumors tenéis más recopilación de rumores, divididos en 4 páginas

Inevitably, rumors about Leopard , appear more and more as we get closer to the day of the presentation. The latest ones being talked about on specialized websites are two: a feature list that appeared on O’Grady’s Power Page and a supposed interview with an Apple employee on DVD Newsroom .

Latest keynote rumors
Latest keynote rumors

On the first case, the unanimous opinion is that it seems all false. The website shows a list of features of the following versions of the programs that make up the operating system, although it looks more like a list of updates than new capabilities. Not to mention that doesn’t mention BootCamp , for example, or that the supposed Leopard screenshots on the page look a bit ” Photoshopped “…

In the second case, the ” Apple employee ” comments that the output of the Blu-Ray units is scheduled for January 2007, that iChat will have a big role in the last few months and that Apple is working on a low-priced Mac Tablet , so that it is not ” absorbed ” by the basic MacBook.

Although the interview is not bad, in one answer the ” employee ” confuses ” iChat ” with ” iSight ” when talking about being integrated by the new monitors … And that an Apple employee so supposedly ” infiltrated ” should know… That if it is all true, he should be careful because in 2000 we lived the case of another Apple employee sued for spreading company secrets, protected under the confidentiality agreement…

Things of the Apple rumorology … What I find a bit odd, is that nobody has yet created a ” fake prototype ” of the new Mac Pro exclusively for this keynote, like other times… Are you up for it?

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