Las efemérides del fotógrafo en la App Store

“The Photographer’s Ephemeris outperforms other applications. An odd name for a great application.” – National Geographic

“One of the most useful applications for nature photographers” – Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Las efemérides del fotógrafo en la App Store
Las efemérides del fotógrafo en la App Store

“It works perfectly. The program was perfect…” – National Geographic

“One of the most powerful photography applications I’ve seen; you’ll be using it for years and years.” – AdoramaTV

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) helps outdoor photographers take pictures in natural light, particularly of landscapes and urban settings. It is a map-based calculator of the Milky Way, the moon and the sun that can be used to see how light falls on a landscape, either by day or by night, at any location on earth.

If you need summary information about today’s Milky Way, moon or sun data or need to plan a precise full moon alignment for future photographs, TPE provides you with the tools you need. The combination of augmented reality, line-of-sight analysis and visual search covers the most sophisticated photo planning needs.

The night mode provides a 3D representation of the Milky Way, North Star and the main constellations directly on the map so you can easily visualize exactly how to align your photograph.

Research and save your own list of favorite photographic locations using 7 different types of maps (including 2 offline maps) and save them to your location list. Favorite locations are always shown on the right side of the map.

Advanced features including visual search for the moon and sun, automatic time zone and elevation detection, atmospheric refraction correction and height above the horizon will ensure you have the best possible information to plan your shots.

You can even determine when the sun or moon will rise behind hills and mountains.

Key features:

– Time and direction of sunrise and sunset, the moon and galactic centers

– View of the azimuth, the altitude of the sun and the moon and the galactic center at any time of the day or night

– Visualization of the Milky Way, the stars and atherisms by means of a 3D map

– Moon phase and percentage of illumination

– Civilian, nautical and astronomical twilight

– 2 topographic maps

– 2 types of offline maps

– Mobile map pins: click and drag the pin to where you need it

– Automatic map rotation using the compass (or compatible devices)

– The length of the shadows is shown in scale on the map

– Save any location you want: no fixed lists

– Celestial events including lunar phases, apogee, perigee, solstice, and equinox

Advanced features:

– Augmented reality view to explore locations

– Automatic time slot detection

– Elevation above sea level

– Distance, orientation and angle of elevation between two points
– Import and export of locations from KML

– Magnetic north option

– Configurable timeline view

– Transit times of the sun and the moon

– Time and duration of the “golden hour”

– Light pollution layer

Sunrise and sunset colour forecasts (including the 48 minors, Southern Canada and Europe) with a subscription to the Skyfire service; purchase available in the application.

Aspects to be taken into account:

– Maps and elevation-based calculations require connection to data
– Availability of map types may vary depending on terms, conditions or availability of map service offered by a third party.
– Requires iPhone 6s (or later), iPad Pro or 2017 model, and iOS 11 or later to enable augmented reality

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