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LaCie FireWire Speakers, we’ve tested them

A few days ago I was lucky enough to get a chance to try these great LaCie speakers designed by Neil Poulton. After a few days of use I liked them quite a bit and their biggest flaw, the price, has recently been fixed with a new, much cheaper USB model.

But before continuing with this analysis I would like to point out that both audio and video themes are quite subjective, so something that for me may be very good may be quite bad for someone else . The best thing to do in these cases is to go to a shop and use our own experience to find out whether we like them or not.

LaCie FireWire Speakers, we’ve tested them
LaCie FireWire Speakers, we’ve tested them

But let’s start this analysis by talking about the biggest advantage of these speakers, their design and practicality. The main advantage of these speakers is that they do not require a power supply or connection to the audio jack of our computer. How do they work?

The Firewire 400 connector provides power and connects to the computer with a single cable. This, combined with its compact design, makes it highly recommended for use with a laptop.

Its configuration is very simple, just select the speakers as audio output within the system preferences of your Mac.

As for the sound, we are logically talking about some quite basic speakers but within their size and capacities they perform more than correctly although in some dynamic ranges they create certain distortions, which is quite normal due to their construction.

In general, some loudspeakers are more than recommended for 50 euros and they also keep quite well the maquera aesthetics.