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LaCie 2big, 4TB external drive and Thunderbolt connectivity: In Depth

Do you need a 4TB capacity disk with the highest possible transfer speed? In this entry we are going to see how the disk that we have just lent you for your review works. LaCie

As you may recall, Thunderbolt’s theoretical transfer speeds would allow us to transfer data at 10Gbs. In this in-depth entry we will see how 2big works and what we can expect from this professional solution for data storage.

LaCie 2big, 4TB external drive and Thunderbolt connectivity: In Depth
LaCie 2big, 4TB external drive and Thunderbolt connectivity: In Depth

Have you been to the gym recently? It’s probably necessary since the weight of the unit, 2700 grams, is more than considerable. The case is made of aluminium and, like the LaCie disc we reviewed here, it also has a stand to lift it a little off the floor to ensure better ventilation. The exterior design of the disc is like a large heat sink, which also has an internal fan but is virtually silent.

Let’s go to the back of the unit, where we will find two Thunderbolt connectors to be able to connect several devices in series to the Thunderbolt interface. We can also see its power connection, and the two slots where the disks are inserted. It is worth mentioning the ease of access to them, since with a part included in the box and an allen key also included, we can assemble and disassemble them in a matter of minutes.

In case you are curious, the two disks in RAID configuration included in the drive are two 7200rpm Seagate Barracuda disks, as you can see in the image above.

As usual, for the performance tests we have used Blackmagic Disk Speed Test, the application we talked about in this post at Apple. This application checks large data transfers to disk, so it is a great testing tool. It is also possible to select the size of the blocks to be transferred between 1 and 5GB.

First we run Blackmagic Disk Speed Test with 1GB data blocks, giving us the data you can see in the image above.

Then we do the same but with 5GB blocks, getting better results in all measurements. According to LaCie’s specifications, the average transfer speeds are 327MBs and 320MBs in read and write, respectively. These speeds are quite similar to those we have obtained in our tests.

The price of the LaCie 2big 4TB capacity is $599 (information not yet available on the English website). It will also be available in 6 and 8TB sizes. As usual, the Thunderbolt cable is not included, so we will have to pay 49 euros more. In short, the LaCie 2big Thunderbolt series is a high performance disc, and it is possible to upgrade it by exchanging the discs for larger ones.

We thank LaCie for lending us the unit to make this entry.

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