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La App Store vuelve a aceptar a Bang With Friends


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La App Store vuelve a aceptar a Bang With Friends
La App Store vuelve a aceptar a Bang With Friends

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The Bang With Friends app returns after three months to the Apple App Store. In order to comply with the approval rules they have had to make several changes to remove the explicit sexual component, and among them the change of name to Down, and the removal of the background of the half-naked girl that appeared in the background of the application.

A few months ago we told you that Apple had removed the Bang With Friends app from the App Store because of sexual content. Well, the developer has made the appropriate changes and is now back in the Apple App Store .

For those of you who don’t remember what this application was for, it was simply a service that connected to our Facebook account and allowed us to anonymously select which of our friends from the social network we would like to have more than just a touch . If this person also selected us, a mutual connection was established and both were notified. The passion would do the rest of the work.

In this last update (because the app was still available in Google Play), we can mark a friend as wanting to have something with someone else , all the same anonymously.

Well, now it’s changed its name to Down, while on Android it’s still called Bang With Friends. So after three months of changing things to make Apple like it, Down returns to the App Store to continue offering this curious service that surely more than one has already used.

The first change is the elimination of the word Bang , as well as the elimination of the half-naked girl that came out of the background of the application . So now at least it won’t have explicit sexual connotations and Apple allows it to stay in the App Store.

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