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Kyocera shows the benefits of sapphire crystal

The rumors surrounding the possible incorporation of a sapphire crystal screen in the next iPhone have not ceased for a few months now and the purchase of a factory in Arizona along with GT Advanced -sapphire crystal supplier-, only made clarify an open secret , Cupertino’s have set their sights on the great properties of sapphire .

The arrival of these crystals on the iPhone 6 would be a major advance and an added value to the terminal that would provide it with a point of differentiation from the competition. Greater durability, greater protection against scratches and, in short, a much higher quality of glass than what we currently have on the market.

Kyocera shows the benefits of sapphire crystalKyocera shows the benefits of sapphire crystal

But Apple does not walk alone and it is the company Kyocera – expert in materials such as ceramics and sapphire – that has taken the first, and courageous, step of to launch a mobile device equipped with a sapphire crystal screen . Brigadier, as the model is called, was the first of its kind and is now available exclusively from the operator Verizon .

In an act of goodwill and pride, the Kyocera company itself has a video where they show this new material in the most delicate situations and compare the result with some of the screens that currently equip our mobile phones. The result is overwhelming in favour of sapphire .

Seeing what this glass is capable of and its resistance, I think Cupertino’s people should get their act together and be the next ones to launch a terminal with this screen . Even so, we have a problem in sight, the cost of manufacturing these crystals , can Apple reduce it enough to be attractive in terms of profitability and be able to offer a new iPhone at the same price? A new increase , or at least a too noticeable increase, in the price of the equipment would make the desire and the illusion of owning an iPhone disappear for some users .

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