Knock 2.0 now unlocks Macs with the Apple Watch

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Knock 2.0 now unlocks Macs with the Apple Watch
Knock 2.0 now unlocks Macs with the Apple Watch

Knock is an application that became famous for allowing us to unlock our Mac from the iPhone with a simple tap via Bluetooth, instead of entering our password. Well, as usual these days, its developers have prepared a special update that makes it compatible with the Apple Watch , so now we can also unlock our computer from the smartwatch from Apple.

Knock for Apple Watch will work in the same way as the iPhone version , making it easier to use, as you don’t have to take the iPhone out of your pocket, but just touch your wrist to unlock the computer.

Another new feature of Knock 2.0 is the Touch to Unlock, which offers us even more security if we need it. With this functionality, unlocking a Mac with an iPhone will require our fingerprint on the Touch ID , so it will not be possible to unlock the computer just by having the iPhone close by.

Touch to Unlock works on the Apple Watch too, just like Apple Pay . When we try to unlock the Mac with the Apple Watch, we will be prompted to use the iPhone’s Touch ID or enter a security code, which will allow the Apple Watch to continue the process of unlocking the computer.

If we don’t have the Apple Watch on our wrist, it won’t be possible to unlock our Mac. Because the verification of the Apple Watch through Touch ID together with the obligation to have the watch on our wrist becomes a perfect two-step authentication , putting the security of our computer at the highest level.

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