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Kindle Fire Announcement Mocks iPad 2 Again

We already saw last week how Samsung attacked Apple fans with their latest ads in a very clear way . Now it seems that it’s Amazon’s turn, which to counteract the success of Apple’s iPad, highlights the price difference between the two devices, among other things.

The message is simple: if you want to read, get the classic Kindle. If you want to play games or watch movies, go for the Kindle Fire. Also, they point out that two tablets and an Amazon ebook reader are worth less than “yours”, referring to the tablet of the man who gets to talk to the girl. Obviously, even if they don’t say so, it’s the Apple iPad 2.

Kindle Fire Announcement Mocks iPad 2 Again
Kindle Fire Announcement Mocks iPad 2 Again

Remember the old Mac vs. PC ads? In the marketing of technology products there has never been much education about how to get involved . In this case, the gentleman who drives the iPad is a sad and lonely man who can’t read anything on his screen because of the reflection. He approaches the girl to ask her about her brand new tablet and comes out in a rather pathetic way.

Amazon has achieved great results, in terms of sales, due to its competitive prices. But there is one thing to keep in mind: for every Kindle Fire they sold, instead of winning, they lost about $10 . All this is for penetrating the market. They earn their money from subscriptions to their services and the purchase of their virtual products.

Here’s the ad in question:

The real merit of Amazon has been to attract millions of users. Apple’s response, as soon as the new iPad 3 appears, will most likely be an iPad 2 at a lower price than the current one. It could also be a low-end mini iPad, capable of reaching that $200 segment.

It looks like this battle has only just begun. And it seems to favour the user with more competitive prices.