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Kid Tripp, an Old School Platform for your iPad and iPad Mini

K id Tripp has been one of the best discoveries I could find on the App Store for a long time. Nowadays we’re used to incredible graphics, incredible textures and a realism that has nothing to envy to desktop consoles. However, for those who were born and raised on the Super Nintendo or the GameBoy Color, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the title that follows.

As the same entry says, Kid Tripp is an old school platform , of a lifetime. Its childish and pixelated appearance makes me fall in love and reminds me of the long afternoons pounding on my console’s controller with the mythical Super Mario Bros.

Kid Tripp, an Old School Platform for your iPad and iPad Mini
Kid Tripp, an Old School Platform for your iPad and iPad Mini

If you’re looking for a fun, fast and nerve-testing game, you’ve come up with the right title.

In Kid Tripp you’ll find all the essence of such legendary titles as Super Mario on your iPad screen

As I mentioned at the beginning, Kid Tripp aims to recover that retro and pixelated look that games had in the 90s and, honestly, for all of you who have grown up during those years you are going to love it. The casual tone, the wide palette of colors used and those animations with that air of yesteryear make this game one of the best of its kind that we can find in the App Store.

As for the controls, we have one on the right and one on the left, only 2 virtual buttons to simplify the game experience as much as possible. To jump and avoid the obstacles we must click on the left side of the screen, while to shoot the enemies that come out of the way we must click on the right. To run at full speed, we must keep our finger on the right button.

It’s a game that demands 100% of us, as we must study every jump we make and shoot just at the right moment to finish off our enemies. In short, we only have to focus on jumping and shooting , since the little character runs alone.

The game guides us through numerous levels, each one set in different landscapes and always preserving that special charm of the pixels. When we start our game we are given 10 lives which can be increased if we collect the necessary coins, although as a rule they will descend at a fairly high rate.

Another big plus for this title is its difficulty, we’re no longer dealing with the typical causal game of the App Store that we can finish in a couple of hours, but the title has one of the highest difficulty levels that I’ve played on an iPad and believe me that’s appreciated. Sometimes you might feel like smashing your tablet against the wall, but you’ll see hours flying by trying to get past that level that resists you.

So you know, if you’re fed up with iPad games that last a couple of days and want a real playable challenge, Kid Tripp is your game. Don’t miss the chance to play this gem and download it right now by following this link. The vice begins!

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