KGI opens the iPhone 8 rumor mill

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And yes, we’re back to the base of a phone whose front will barely have any frames and will be completely occupied by a screen.

KGI opens the iPhone 8 rumor mill
KGI opens the iPhone 8 rumor mill

That means that Apple would have had to research new technologies to preserve some of the features of today’s iPhones, such as Touch ID and 3D Touch sensors. Starting with this year’s iPhone or next year’s, all that will have to continue to work even if it is hidden under a hypothetical OLED panel.

New sight recognition systems

To achieve this the Touch ID sensors will be upgraded from capacitive to optical , thus leaving behind the technology they achieved with the purchase of AuthenTec in 2013. Anyway, it’s easier said than done: Kuo says that Apple has yet to perfect the technology and therefore he doesn’t think we’ll see these new sensors on the next iPhone.

Apple would also be working hard on a facial recognition system , which would be made possible by placing more sensors around the iPhone. The first generation of this system would work hand in hand with Touch ID fingerprint recognition, but in future generations we could see the retirement of Touch ID to rely solely on facial recognition as a mode of authentication.

Screen with more 3D Touch pressure levels, but more delicate

As for the OLED screen, which would be flexible and therefore allow curved edges in the style of the Galaxy’s Edge models, it would include a new 3D Touch system that would be more sensitive and therefore could provide more pressure levels . Right now there are only two, but more levels would allow more one-finger interactions with the system.

The OLED screen would need to be reinforced to be able to support 3D Touch without it breaking

The drawback they would have found in wanting to do this is that the OLED screen is more fragile than the LCDs used by Apple today , so in Cupertino’s labs they are studying a way to reinforce the panel with some kind of metal plate.

All of this, we insist, is in doubt so that it will appear in the next generation of iPhones planned for this autumn or for the next one, already in 2018. It’s just a matter of waiting for more clues to come out, and for the presentation of iOS 11 this summer to make us discover surprises buried in its source code .

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