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Keyremap4Macbook and remap the keyboard at will


For example, I find it difficult to press fn+rewind to delete forward, I prefer the combination shift+rewind a thousand times, so that deleting forward only takes up one hand, the right one. As I said, this is a must for all laptops and for all of you who use the Apple bluetooth keyboard.

Keyremap4Macbook and remap the keyboard at will
Keyremap4Macbook and remap the keyboard at will

Today I bring an alternative to that program called Keyremap4Macbook , it is also an application that works from Tiger and that has version for Snow Leopard to 64bits , although it is not compatible with DoubleCommand, it also brings us as this one quantity and quantity of options to remap the keyboard actions, and unlike the application that already knew, is compatible with the last beta of Lion . Of course it is also a free application . Even though I have the “MacBook” tag with me, I use it daily on a MacBook Air and on a MacBook Pro together with the Apple wireless keyboard without much trouble.

If you’ve never tried an application like this before, I suggest you install it, I’m sure that you’ll discover lots of new possibilities by combining several keys , keyboard shortcuts that seemed complicated before will now be simplified and you’ll never be able to live without them again, I speak from my own experience.

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