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Keynote Questions and Answers


If you’re still in the classic post-keynote syndrome and have some doubts, there’s nothing better than the answers that Steve Jobs himself (with Phil Schiller) gave to the journalists in the Tom Hall auditorium in San Francisco.

Keynote Questions and Answers
Keynote Questions and Answers

Where is the HDMI or Blu-ray? The HDMI can’t handle our 30 inch screen so we decided to use the DisplayPort instead. As far as Blu-ray is concerned, it’s a very painful thing, I mean, not from the consumer’s point of view. It’s great for watching movies but the licensing system is very complicated. Let’s wait until things calm down and Blu-ray finishes taking off before we burden our customers with its cost.

What about the NVIDIA Geforce 9400M? Apple is the first to release it and will continue to do so for some time to come. We’re using a lot of their chips.

What about the 17-inch MacBook Pro? It will be upgraded as well.

Is the new aluminum MacBook going to steal some of the market share of the MacBook Pro? Professionals buy MacBook Pro. So we expect to see increased demand for both models.

Are you going to offer matte screens or just glossy ones? What about the problem of reflections? Just bright ones, and we’ll compensate for the reflections by using more light to backlight the screen. Also, since they’re still portable, you can always reposition them to reduce them even further.

Does Apple design the motherboard for new equipment? Yes.

Will we see touch screens on laptops? At the moment it doesn’t make much sense to us, but we’ll see what happens to them in the future (we’ve already been experimenting with them).

And now, an unanswered question that I would have asked myself if I had an apartment in San Francisco: Do you intend to upgrade the Mac Pro soon to support the new Cinema Display? I hope the answer is YES.


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