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Keynote and Mac App Store

Create amazing presentations with Keynote’s new easy-to-use tools and effects and put your audience in your pocket.

The Theme Chooser offers an impressive collection of 30 new and updated Apple themes. Once you’ve chosen the canvas for your presentation, put your text and images in the placeholders. Simple tools let you add tables, charts, figures, photos, and videos to your presentation, and add original transitions and movie effects. Use Keynote Live to let users follow your presentation from their Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and

Keynote and Mac App Store
Keynote and Mac App Store

iCloud integration keeps your presentations up to date on all your devices. And real-time collaboration allows everyone on your team to work simultaneously from a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch – or even from an iWork for iCloud PC.

Simultaneous collaboration

– Thanks to the real-time collaboration, all the members of your team can work at the same time on the same presentation.

– Keynote allows you to collaborate simultaneously from a Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and also from a PC with Keynote for iCloud.

– Share your document publicly or only with whomever you choose.
– See who accesses the presentation at the same time as you.
– You can see other people’s cursor to know what they are editing.

– Available in presentations saved in iCloud or Box.

First steps

– 30 Apple themes.
– Slide browser to move around your presentation, add slides or sort them.

– Surprise your audience with interactive graphics and animations.
– Preview the animations.
– Use predefined styles to give your texts, tables, figures and images a different look.
– Improves presentations with a library of more than 700 editable figures.

– Quickly open password-protected presentations using Touch ID on compatible Mac computers.

Easy to use graphic tools

– Use rulers and alignment guides for accurate editing.
– Simplified toolbar with quick access to figures, multimedia content, tables, graphics and sharing options.
– Represent the data in a more visual way with the new donut graphs.
– Add an interactive image gallery to view a collection of photos.
– Use “Instant Alpha” to remove the background from the images.
– Customizable curves, shapes and masks.
– Connecting lines.

Film animations

– Animated transitions between slides to create amazing presentations.
– Magic Movement” effect to animate and transform graphics.
– Great transitions like “Linear Trace”, “Object Cube”, “Object Flip” and “Pop-up Object”.

– Impressive text and object animations such as Fade, Crumble, Fade and Scale.
– Emphasis compositions with a single click.

Make your presentation

– Customizable and compatible with up to six monitors.
– Recording of narrations.
– Keynote Live allows you to make presentations that viewers can follow from their Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, as well as from

– Create automatic presentations for exhibition displays or information kiosks.
– Control your presentation from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or iPod touch with Keynote for iOS.


– Activate iCloud to have your presentations automatically appear on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, as well as on
– Access and edit your presentations at from a Mac or PC browser with Keynote for iCloud.
– Keynote automatically saves the changes.

Some features require Internet access; fees and conditions apply.