Kevin Rose says iOS 7 will be a real revolution

Kevin Rose, creator of the Digg website and a partner in Google Ventures, has given his prediction of what the impending WWDC will bring. He said he knows that iOS 7 will be far from the concepts we have seen so far and that the update will be more profound than we expect. He also confirmed that the MacBook Air family will receive an unexpected overhaul.

When we are barely 72 hours away from the WWDC, and as it could not be otherwise, rumors and speculations about the future iOS 7 already occupy a good part of the blogosphere . On this occasion it was Kevin Rose , creator of the social news site Digg and partner of the Google Ventures fund, who wanted to give his opinion on the matter.

Kevin Rose says iOS 7 will be a real revolution
Kevin Rose says iOS 7 will be a real revolution

In the latest episode of The Random Show, a talk show aired on its YouTube channel, Rose offered her predictions on what the Apple Developer Conference will bring. The entrepreneur said he knows, from good hand, that the changes we will find in the next version of the mobile operating system, will not be limited to the interface and will go much further.

Particularly interesting were his statements about the hardware since confirmed the upgrade of the MacBook Air family; a fact that would be at least as surprising, given that most betting communities only contemplate upgrading the Mac Pro.

Although he did not want to reveal his sources, from his words we can extract that the renders and concepts from iOS 7 that have appeared so far, would be giving blind men a hard time. Finally, he concluded in an enigmatic way:

One might think that Rose’s exhibition is nothing more than a prediction influenced by her subjective opinion, but the truth is that on other occasions she has accurately predicted the innovations introduced in various devices of the Bite Apple, such as those related to the design of the fourth generation iPod nano, the price of the Apple TV or the copy and paste functions in iOS 3.

A new interface, a flatter design? Be that as it may, we can do nothing but wait until Monday to see all the questions resolved.

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