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Ken Segall talks about the latest iPhone announcement

Ken Segall, marketing and advertising expert, as well as author of Incredibly Simple and former Apple consultant, has dedicated his final words of praise to Apple’s latest iPhone ad that focuses on the iPhone’s camera.

Apple’s latest ad considered the best the company has ever done by Ken Segall, a leading publicist

Segall agrees with other critics in defining this announcement as the best ever made by Apple dedicated to the iPhone , since it is capable of capturing the human side of technology. It is a perfect reflection of everyday life and is easy to identify with. The spot shows how our phone has become essential, allowing us to capture people, places and images that we will never forget.

Ken Segall talks about the latest iPhone announcement
Ken Segall talks about the latest iPhone announcement

This ad is a great example of the power of creativity, because we are proud to have an iPhone in our hands after watching the video, even if the message does not provide any reason to convince us to buy one. The ad is based on emotions and not on technical features. And then, the voice-over at the end says “More pictures are taken every day with the iPhone than with any other camera” , a polite way used by Apple to make people understand that, although there are many Android phones, the iPhone somehow inspires you to take more pictures.

But the best thing is that you see the ad:

The spot may not have a great commercial impact, Segall continues, but it was certainly carried out by a great team of creative people. Without making any reference to the technological advantages, Apple creates a spot that strikes at the heart. And when it gets users to think: “Apple is the most humane technology company” , the company achieves the goal it seeks with this type of ad . It looks for emotion, it does it with class and besides, as they explain today on iPhoneitalia, it’s as effective as a screaming message with a list of the phone’s new features.

What do you think of the ad? While Apple bets on more human, simpler and better quality ads, we already saw how Samsung bets on more radical ads, ads based on highlighting its features, discrediting the rest of the competitors, and more specifically Apple’s iPhone.

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