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Keeping Your Apple Devices Clean and Shiny

After the daily jogging of any touchscreen terminal, it is inevitable that they end up getting dirty with fingerprints, dust and other dirt . The Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad were not going to be less, so we decided to show the best way to have our devices clean and practically like new.

Apple sells in its official store several products to clean the phones and tablets, which usually consist of spray cans and microfiber gloves or cloths . But in addition to this, you can also use other types of products that you are sure to have at home without looking in the store, although if you want to get a flawless finish, you will probably have to go to the products sold by the company itself.

Cleaning with products we all have at home

Keeping Your Apple Devices Clean and Shiny
Keeping Your Apple Devices Clean and Shiny

However, in our opinion, it is not necessary to buy them. The basic tips for cleaning any touchscreen terminal (or not) is to use a soft, lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth. It’s like cleaning a normal pair of glasses. With the purchase of corrective eyewear or sunglasses comes a cloth of this type, so it’s quite likely you’ll have one at home. You should never use abrasive products, clothing, towels or the wet paper towels sold for babies in any way. Obviously, it is strongly recommended not to use aerosols, household cleaners, ammonia, compressed air, hair dryers, solvents or abrasive products and, of course, not to pour liquid directly on the terminal. In addition, when cleaning the mobile phone or tablet, do not let it be disconnected from the battery charger and, if possible, turn it off.

Polishing our iPhone

In the case of the iPhone, to proceed with its cleaning, we again emphasize that the phone is turned off. Then wipes the handset with a slightly damp microfibre cloth to remove all traces of fingerprints, make-up, dirt, food, grease and lotions in general that may be on the phone after several hours’ use. To simply wipe off the fingerprints, there is no need to moisten the cloth, as the coating included in the mobile phone works by repelling the oil that is released from the skin. If you use a cloth with abrasive material, this protection would reduce its effectiveness. If you have an iPhone 5c, you should also clean the SIM card tray, as it accumulates a lot of dirt, unlike other iPhones. The microfiber cloth may be sufficient, but a very small amount of alcohol can also be used to make the tray more shiny.

The official Apple cases also have to be cleaned from time to time. It’s not just going to be the terminals themselves. Cupertino’s have three types of cases: silicone, leather and the Smart Battery Case, which includes, as its name suggests, a battery . The silicone case and the Smart Battery Case are cleaned in a similar way, as they are made of the same material. To do this, take the slightly damp microfibre cloth again, except for the inside of the one with the battery, which is best cleaned with a dry cloth. To clean the leather case you must be more careful, since you could change the colour or texture of it. To leave it shiny, it is best to use a clean cloth and warm, soapy water. The use of artificial products can change, as we say, the color of the leather.

Make our iPads like jets of gold

To clean the iPad, you should follow practically the same advice as for the iPhone . There is no difference in the type of materials, so you can follow the recommendations written above to the letter. The same applies to the Smart Cover cases, silicone cases (some models) and leather cases. The above is also valid for tablet covers. In addition, Smart Covers can also be used as a cleaning cloth, since they have a microfiber lining on the inside. To use it as a “cloth”, simply fold it as if it were to be used as a support and wipe it over the screen.

The Apple Watch also deserves to be clean

Finally, the little Apple Watch, the company’s smart watch, must also be treated with care. To clean its screen and sides you can use a cloth slightly moistened with water , since the watch will withstand water without any problems. Even if the digital crown gets stuck, it can be rinsed with a little tap water. Cleaning the watch’s digital crown is simple by following certain steps that we have already explained.

If you follow these tips, your Apple terminals will be shiny, almost like brand new.

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