Keep your pet’s information up to date with Pet Diary

Pet Diary (Gratis)

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Keep your pet’s information up to date with Pet Diary
Keep your pet’s information up to date with Pet Diary

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Those of us who like animals and are lucky enough to have a pet at home know the importance and responsibility we must have with them. Pet Diary is an application designed to store and update all the information about our pet .

When you open the application you will find a first screen, in which you can see all the pets that you have stored. These are shown in the form of a diary with the photograph, age and name . Once we have selected our pet, we can access all the information we can record and consult about it. Let’s take a look at the different sections:

  • Information: We could define this section as the ID card of our pet. It will show the name, description, date of birth and license number. There is also a section for notes, where we can write down any other characteristics or data that we think is relevant and does not appear in this section.
  • Photos: You will surely keep great memories with your pet since the first day it arrived. In this section we can store our favorite images or those moments that you will always want to remember. On the back of the pictures we can write a note and the date it was taken.
  • Medication: It may not be the most desirable section, but it is, to a greater or lesser extent, necessary. Depending on the number of pets we have or if we are unlucky enough that our only pet is very prone to become sick, it will be very helpful to be able to store and create reminder alarms about the medications you have to take.
  • Weight: We can write down the weight of our pet, and create a history in the form of Post-it, to monitor their evolution. In the Post-it is reflected the date, weight and the possibility of adding a note.
  • Reminders: Create an alert to notify us of any event, veterinary appointment, vaccination or anything related to our pet, is possible in this section. You simply need to put a title, description and date. An important point is that all alerts created in Pet Diary are automatically synchronized with the native iOS Reminders application.

The data stored in the application is also synchronized with our iCloud account, so we will always have an automatic copy of all the information . The app is free by limiting the reminder option . The full version would cost £0.89 for a single pet, and £2.69 to store an unlimited number.

I think it has some minor bugs like not being able to enter decimals in the weight and not having an iPad version , but hopefully the developers will surprise us with an update.

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