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Keep your old iPhone alive with these guidelines

For weeks now, information about the design of the iPhone 6 , photographs of alleged moulds of it, of parts such as the battery, or speculations about what the screen size will be or how many megapixels your camera will have have, have been appearing continuously in different media, such as newspapers, blogs and others .

If you have been using the same iPhone for years, i.e. if you bought an iPhone 4 near its launch date, probably with correct and moderate use, and if it hasn’t suffered from a large number of bad weather conditions since then, it may be that continuing to use it will not pose any problems beyond the normal ones of the passage of time .

Keep your old iPhone alive with these guidelinesKeep your old iPhone alive with these guidelines

However, if the use has been intense, and not quite as correct as it should have been, it may be that even if you have decided to wait to renew your terminal, at the launch of the new Apple terminal, the path of the months that remain until then will become a little tortuous . To overcome any inconvenience and ensure that your old iPhone can hold out until the launch of this latest model, which is supposed to be in autumn, we offer you the following guidelines or advice:

Deleting unusable files

Over time, we tend to accumulate on our phones, documents, applications or other types of files that have no current use, and only take up space and waste resources . Removing these unusable files can make your iPhone perform much better.

iOS 7 Installation

In case you have installed iOS 7, the advice would be not to stay at 7.0. X, but to update it to 7.1 , because with iOS 7.1 you will certainly see an improvement in certain aspects. If you’re thinking of staying with iOS 6, it’s not recommended that you do so, as iOS 7.1 guarantees some pretty significant improvements.

Change your battery

If you notice that your iPhone’s battery life has been significantly reduced over time, it may be time to replace the battery on your iPhone with a new one. This will restore the lost autonomy, and will undoubtedly solve one of the recurring problems caused by the passage of time.

Restore your iPhone

Restoring your iPhone, with the consequent removal of information not synchronized with iCloud, and the return to the initial parameters, can certainly clean up your phone of unnecessary files and achieve an improvement in efficiency in the use of resources available to it , but we must try not to return quickly to the previous state, or this process will have served no purpose.


A common problem over time in many of the iPhone users is that the intense use of the Home button, makes it finally break or become unusable by its continuous failures. Once this happens we have two options, change the Home button, if we are sufficiently trained to do so, or use AssistiveTouch, Apple tool that aims to assist us in case of difficulty for example to operate this button.

If, after all these tips, your old iPhone can’t withstand the weather, there are other options available to you that can get your phone to provide you with one last service, such as scheduling a collection from one of the companies that buys and sells used phones, so that you can pay part of the cost of the new one, or sending it for recycling, so that you can contribute to the care of the environment.