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JVC HAX 900 – Closed Headset : Electronics

Choosing a new pair of headphones was a challenge for me.

I come from Philips SHP2600, which after 2 years I decided to change because they didn’t satisfy me anymore, especially for the volume. I compared the AKG K240s (which unfortunately were open and unisolated headphones, and they fell apart because of their build quality), then the Shure SRH440s (which, however, were a boulder for the ears to wear), and honestly, after discarding these two I didn’t really know what to take. Then I saw these headphones, €62, from JVC. and they seemed to have what I was looking for: closed, insulating headphones, circumaural design, very long cable, promising specs, but there was a big MA. 64ohm impedance. One big question: can my devices withstand this impedance? I was skeptical until they came to me.

JVC HAX 900 – Closed Headset : Electronics
JVC HAX 900 – Closed Headset : Electronics

Amazingly, these 64ohm impedance headphones are even louder than my old headphones, even on a cell phone. So if you have this doubt too: don’t worry, these headphones are so efficient that they perform well even on a Smartphone, and they won’t need an amplifier, but if you have the budget to buy one, do it, there will only be money to be made in terms of audio quality.

Actual review:

– Materials and comfort: 9

Professional looking headphones, pavilions upholstered in resistant looking fake leather, I don’t think it will be filleted over the years. Very comfortable support cushion. Plastic, metal and rubber materials. Very large pavilions yes, but also very comfortable even with glasses.

– Sound: 9

Although this headphone has 64ohm, the volume will be very high even with portable devices, do not need an amplifier. The 50mm drivers can reproduce the bass frequencies in a deep and detailed way, clear and precise midrange, brilliant treble. These headphones sound perfect over any frequency spectrum.

– Insulation: 8.5

Although my old headphones were closed-type, they did not return any isolation. With these headphones, however, isolation is there and how. You won’t hear the voice of the speaker next to you from volume to medium.

In general: That you listen to hip-pop, rap, electronic music, these headphones will give you incredible bass, that you listen to rock, metal, these headphones will give you high treble and brilliant with electric guitars, that you listen to classical music, from piano concerts, to real orchestras, this music will give you a crystal clear and precise sound, that you use them for gaming, you will have an incredible spatial sound (especially with Dolby Atmos), that you use it to watch movies, it will feel like being at the movies. (As long as you buy blur-ray xD) These headphones are perfect for any genre and use.

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