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June issue of Èvoque Magazine available for iPad

Èvoque magazine for iPad

Digital magazines are here to stay on your iPad and provide you with interactive, up-to-date content that keeps you informed of what’s going on around you. If you are a man or you are interested in what is going on in the male world, it is now easier to keep up to date with the different trends that you are presented with, thanks to magazines such as Èvoque which aims to publicise the latest social news, fashion, healthy living, travel, technology and much more. Èvoque wants you to be the protagonist of the magazine.

Èvoque is a free iPad magazine with a striking visual style and carefully selected content through which evokes the latest trends in architecture, fashion, interior design, alternative and electronic music, travel, motoring and gadgets, as the magazine’s most relevant themes. Èvoque is a magazine that offers you great moments of leisure and entertainment combined with a dynamic , restless and avant-garde lifestyle. Èvoque Magazine is designed for you, who are looking for unique and evocative moments .

June issue of Èvoque Magazine available for iPad
June issue of Èvoque Magazine available for iPad


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Èvoque magazine, for those looking for unique and evocative moments

The design of Èvoque magazine completely captures the idea that the magazine wants to convey: unique moments to be enjoyed from your iPad. Accompanied by a professional and evocative photograph of good moments, the magazine is created for you to enjoy reading it to the fullest. Areas of interaction, moving images, sliding to access articles, turning the magazine to access complementary content… The whole magazine is a hymn to the visual and the tactile.

A page at the beginning of the magazine will tell you how to use the gestures to move around the magazine and what the icons you will find during your reading mean. Inside the pages you will discover articles on current trends in architecture, OnCover (the main theme of the cover), travel, trends, sports, motoring, fashion, personal care, music and technology .


OnCover Section: The Art of Football

Now that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has just begun, Èvoque, with Pepsi, brings together three exciting worlds : photography, street art and the king of sports . Under the lens of world famous photographer Danny Clinch , the creativity of six of the world’s leading street artists and some of the best footballers on the planet, the trend and lifestyle magazine showcases a collection of art as it celebrates and dignifies the art of football . The compositions, developed by the popular soft drink brand, are made by new artistic talents chosen specifically to represent the vitality and spirit of the players’ home countries.

Architecture and Trends sections

You will be introduced to the wonderful world of architecture with the article Eli & EdyThe Broad, interconnecting geometries , an art museum in itself located on the Michigan State University Campus where lines and roads come together to form a visual spectacle. And now that summer has arrived and it is time to disconnect and rest , you will visit the Hotel Cap Rocat, located in an unbeatable setting on the island of Palma de Mallorca. Here you will find a haven of peace surrounded by a place of unparalleled beauty.

Travel section

Discover another image of New York beyond its famous skyline. This article will introduce you to places in the Big Apple where you can relax and forget about the outside world. Let yourself be seduced by the Aire Ancient Baths, a spa inspired by the ancient Roman baths. You will also get to know Foscarini, a company that imagines, develops and manufactures not only lamps but also emotions.

And so as not to leave our continent, discover Lisbon with all that it has to offer in terms of gastronomy, culture and leisure. An article that will make you prepare for a trip to know this fabulous European capital.

Sport &amp section; Health

Your body also needs to get ready during the summer and Èvoque wants to help you with this. You will know where human beings get their energy from and how much they need daily. Calculate how much energy you need in 24 hours and which foods you can and should eat and which are not recommended.

And many more sections

Èvoque is not just any magazine and therefore can’t introduce you to anything in the motor section. The article introduces you to a supersonic car, the Bloodhound SSC , which aims to exceed the speed of sound. Its intention is to reach 1,610 kmh. Will it succeed?

You will meet the illustrator Alba González in the Art section. You will travel from the Moon to Pluto in an unforgettable space journey. You will discover the new tendencies in the special of wooden sunglasses and you will be able to enjoy the coolest music of the moment .

All this and much more in Èvoque. What are you waiting for to download it and discover a new world of trends?

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What we liked best

  • The incredible design of the magazine. All the articles have secrets, hidden tabs, high quality images.
  • The professional quality of his photographs and the large number of sections and articles for us to enjoy the magazine.
  • The use of the two orientations of the iPad coupled with the ease of navigation on it.

What we liked the least

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