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Jukeboxer, set up your own “X-Factor” from the iPhone [Updated]

JukeboxerDescarga It will appear in the App Store soon.

Singing is something you either love or try not to do in your life so as not to make a fool of yourself in front of everyone. But if you are one of those who would spend your whole life singing and you have an iPhone, you might be interested in an application called Jukeboxer with which you can demonstrate your ability and compete by singing with your friends .

Jukeboxer, set up your own “X-Factor” from the iPhone [Updated]
Jukeboxer, set up your own “X-Factor” from the iPhone [Updated]

How do you compete? Once you have installed the application and connected to Facebook to locate your friends (an optional step, which if not taken will choose unknown rivals at random) you choose a musical style and sing the songs sent to you by the phone . Your opponents will do the same, and another user will act as a judge to determine a winner.

It’s not hard to understand if we imagine it as one of those TV shows where someone shows his talent under the strict eye of judges. Only this time the talent is you, you compete with other people and a judge decides if you are better than others. Optionally, in case our voice is not precisely Adele’s, we can apply some filters to our voice to add some stability or fun to our recording.

As you can see, the aim of the application is to sing and have fun with your friends or with unknown rivals from all over the world. Jukeboxer is free (although there is a version at 1.79 euros without ads) and it is monetized with some extra options within the application itself. The only drawback is that they have blindly relied on a program to translate the application into Spanish, and the result is completely unreadable. If you can, use it in English.

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