Jugando a Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon para iOS (Universal)

This week we bring you a minimalist game, which you may or may not love, so you better take your time to read this review and find out if this game is made for you. Super Hexagon, from the independent developer and creator of VVVVV, will test your patience and skills. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod tocuh – it’s universal – and also for OS X and PC on Steam.

Jugando a Super Hexagon
Jugando a Super Hexagon

We continue as every week to bring you the best of Xombit Games. This week is the turn of an alternative game that has been very successful , especially this Christmas thanks to the sales it has had. It is a game that requires a lot of patience and very good reflexes. Are you ready?

The game

To begin with, there is no tutorial. The game throws you directly into one polygon, which is in turn inside another, and so on and so forth. The objective is to turn the cursor to escape from each polygon and to hold on as long as possible. Where does the difficulty of this very elemental game lie? That the difficulty starts with difficult, followed by more difficult and super difficult , and the speed increases progressively. It is best to watch it on video to understand how it works.

Graphics and sound

The game has a very neat and attractive interface, with changing colours. The menu is simply composed of the choice of difficulty, achievements in Game Center, and little else. As you will have seen in the video you can appreciate the minimalism of the whole title .

What really caught my attention, after enduring less than 10 seconds the first games, was the music. With a original soundtrack created by Chipzel, the game gets a lot of speed with a touch of retro. You can buy the EP on his website for just over 2 euros. Also, like other games with OST, they recommend you to play with headphones for a greater immersion in the game.


If you do not have patience, I do not recommend its purchase. If you have a spirit of self-improvement and competition with your friends, go ahead. I was quite reluctant to buy it, since the game as you see it has no more: it doesn’t promise long hours of entertainment, and you’ll probably end up getting tired of the novelty, at least I wasn’t too hooked. But it’s interesting to rediscover it after a while and see if your skills have improved. As a reference, the most I’ve been able to take is 20 seconds, and from my friends at Game Center 60 seconds. Who can give more?


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